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Earn money through Advertisements

On 6th September, I was writing about earning through advertisements.

      First Step: creating a website: create website using Blogger. This is a free source. Creating a website iswell explained through 11 videos. Even by one hearing,  you will be able to create any number of websites.This is very easy.

    Next Step:  Go to SEBOSA Affliate, you will be provided with advertisements with html codeings. In this session you will be taught how to take advt.  html code and place  this in your website .

    Final step: There is another session in which how your website will be promoted by doing SEO Search Engine Optimization. This session will enable you how to promote your website/blogger and create traffic.

     How this earning is feasible? The website/blogger you own will carry some promotional advertisements.

     When more traffic is created to your web site you will get page views/clicks. For each page views and clicks you will be paid by the advertiser. This is your earnings.
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