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SEBOSA offers multi type jobs from different sources. The total number of jobs exceeds 100 and new job

will be added periodically. The sources from whom jobs are selected are legal companies without any

complaint form any one. So, when you take up any job the payment is confirmed. There is no reason to 

doubt payment. We can see the payment proof in our website under TESTIMONIAL.

The training is on line. So, we can take up the training programme whenever we are free and at any time.

The on line training is advantageous because we can take training when we are free and we can repeatedly 

take up the programme as long  as we understand  the jobs perfectly.

All the training videos are in simple TAMIL. All are short videos to avoid boredom and break monotony.

The videos are recorded in such a way that it is more interesting .

So, we can simply put this programme:


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